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We believe that the homes we create should not just satisfy expectations but surpass them in every way possible.

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Who we are

Welcome to our world, where imagination meets reality and dreams are transformed into stunning, awe-inspiring living spaces. We are LUXIVITÉ International Property Group, a rising star in the realm of luxury real estate. Our name may be new to you, but we assure you, it will leave a lasting impression.


As a boutique firm, we are expanding rapidly, driven by global aspirations and a mission to reshape the industry. Our successfully completed projects in Europe and Brazil, along with ongoing ventures, offer a glimpse into our promising future. We believe that a home is more than a place to live or an investment; it reflects one’s character, serves as a haven for the soul, and stands as a tribute to human ambition.


While we are property developers at heart, we aspire to be much more than that. Although we must maintain an air of secrecy at this time, rest assured that our forthcoming endeavors will be nothing short of remarkable.


Who we are

Our motto, “Envisioning Beyond Dreams,” speaks to the very essence of who we are and encapsulates our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. We believe that the homes we create should not just satisfy expectations but surpass them in every way possible. We are committed to delivering beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

With each project, we push boundaries and redefine luxury living. In collaboration with renowned architects, designers, and engineers, we meticulously craft every detail of our homes to ensure unparalleled perfection. Our properties are unique masterpieces infused with personality, elegance, and sophistication.


To us, luxury transcends material possessions; it’s about creating an extraordinary experience that leaves lasting memories for you and your loved ones. Our properties are designed to evoke emotions, spark fascination, and inspire passion in those who call them home.


Explore the endless possibilities of working with LUXIVITÉ.

Property acquisition + _

Considering one of our properties for a new primary residence, holiday retreat, or a lucrative investment opportunity? Let us provide you with all the information you need and answer any questions you may have.

Brokerage + _

Are you a brokerage specializing in luxury real estate and interested in showcasing one or more of our exquisite properties to your discerning clientele? We welcome a conversation to determine if we’re a match.

Investment + _

If you’re interested in investing, we’re eager to discuss your options. Our company is constantly expanding, and we’re always seeking new opportunities to grow.

From dream to reality + _

Have a project in mind? We're more than just a property development company – we're visionaries eager to bring your dreams to life.


Want us to brand your property? We can also do this for you (videos, photos, a dedicated website, brochures, and much more).

Holiday rentals + _

Experience the pinnacle of luxury and relaxation by staying at one of our properties. Whether you seek a short getaway or an extended stay, we have the perfect home for you.

If you are a travel agency, conciergerie or provide luxury travel experiences, we can cater to the needs of your most demanding clients.

Events & Production + _

Seeking a distinctive venue for your events or content creation? We have idyllic spaces for photo shoots, fashion shows, productions, and more.

Write or post about us + _

Are you a journalist, blogger, influencer, or Youtuber? We might be interested in working with you. Let’s discuss an eventual collaboration.

Join us + _

Lastly, we may be scouting exceptional talent. If you possess unparalleled abilities and boundless ambition to flourish alongside our company, send us your résumé and cover letter.

Get in Touch

At LUXIVITÉ, we are committed to helping you realize your dreams. Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities of working with us.

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